Julia Streets

Julia Streets is a champion of tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, diversity and inclusion.

In 2007, she incorporated her business Streets Consulting, the business development, marketing and communications consultancy. Since then she and her team have advised a wide range of international firms in the field of fintech, capital markets and payments innovation, and offer specialist technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber and more.

Prior to founding Streets Consulting, Julia was global head of communications and served on the Executive Committee of Atos Euronext Market Solutions (that later became NYSE Technologies), and European head of marketing and sales development at Instinet, the global brokerage firm.

She has worked in the field of communications for 30+ years and has held senior tenures at the global PR agency H&K Strategies and as head of eCommerce in a smaller city consultancy during the dotcom boom.

In 2017 Julia launched ‘DiverCity Podcast’ talking about diversity, equity and inclusion in financial services. In each episode, she interviews industry luminaries to shine a light on positive progress, call out areas requiring further focus and offer insights and best practice to help listeners drive change. The podcast has listeners in >50 countries and is ranked one of the world’s top D&I podcasts by feedspot. Julia has been named one of the world’s 20 global diversity champions in The Global Diversity List, and is recognised widely for her work in this field. 

She is an advisor, mentor and investor and is called upon to chair many of the world’s leading conferences and events drawing not only on her industry experience, but also on her skills as a speaker, host and sell-out stand up comedian.  A certified transformation leadership coach, she works with senior executives to help them build and lead high performing teams, develop proud and solid growth-minded cultures and outperform as enlightened leaders.

Julia is the host of CityAM’s ‘Impact AM Live’ show for all who care about ESG and climate change. On each episode she interviews industry leaders about how to drive change at pace and scale.

She also hosts a regular feature ‘Metaverse: What Matters?’ A regular fireside discussion with Dr Catriona Wallace, founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance. In each episode they come together as avatars to explore the various opportunities and concerns of this fast expanding, borderless world.

In addition, she is the host of The Energy Podcast from Shell, focused on the decarbonisation of every day industrial products and timed to coincide with the COP summits.

Julia is a fellow of British American Project, the transatlantic leadership fellowship, a founding member of the PowerWomenNetwork and a proud trustee of the charity Streetchild with the mission that every child should be safe, in school and learning.

She lives in London with her wife.

Julia is invited to help in many ways.....
  • To host and MC conferences/events
  • To chair panels and private think tanks
  • To deliver keynote speeches
  • As a gala dinner/awards host
  • To host podcasts, and contribute as a guest
  • As a broadcast interviewer (film, audio, metaverse)
  • To anchor sales events (remote, hybrid and in-person)
  • To contribute as a write/columnist
  • To create comedy events
  • To create new ideas and formats for conferences and corporates
  • To auctioneer

Julia's most recent work

We've included some recent photos of Julia in action and some testimonials (for more, see gallery and testimonial section)

Conferences and events

"I have booked Julia to host many of my most important technology and industry events. I trust Julia to work with our most senior sponsors and industry contacts. She is always highly professional, insightful, respectful and energetic and is able to put everyone at ease very quickly. What many don't see is the amount of effort that goes into the preparation, the research and also the risk mitigation. When she's hosting, I can breathe because I know that any eventuality has been thought through."


Speeches, panels and think tanks

“Julia was one of two opening speakers at our packed event and we asked her to share her insights about the driving fintech industry themes and trends. She not only shared valuable insights about the highest level dynamics at play, paid particular care about what they meant for everyone in the room, but also left them thinking about the industry’s true potential, particularly as we navigate turbulent times.”

- Melike Belli, UKI Field Marketing, 
  MuleSoft from Salesforce


DiverCity Podcast
“ This is a great series of podcasts for anyone working in financial services with an interest in making a difference in the area of diversity & inclusion in the industry. Full of practical and realistic ideas and brilliantly hosted by Julia Streets." 
-Nicky G, Podcast listener


Virtual Sales Meetings/Studio hosting
“In my many senior leadership roles, I’ve invited Julia to host a number of my sales conferences. For one event she hosted four hours of TV studio anchoring featuring customer interviews, employee awards, leadership insights, all with full production and TV studio direction. Julia makes it seem so easy and it’s not simply down to her hosting experience and extensive research, it’s her passion for the subject, industry experience and generosity of spirit. She really makes everyone shine as she sprinkles the event with insightful remarks and gliding segues to deliver a really premium event and audience experience.”
- Managing Director, AWS EMEA


5 star review of  "The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’
“A light-hearted book but one with a good question at its heart: why do we feel the need to conform to language we often ridicule and never use out of the office? Well-researched and readable, it also taught me quite a few new phrases I never knew.”
- Philip Stafford, Financial Times

Corporate comedy work

“There are comedy classes you can take but they don’t work. You have to be born with it. There’s no doubt that Julia was. She doesn’t just say funny stuff, she is funny. And what’s annoying is that comedy isn’t even her day-job. She’s far too well-rounded, running her own business and being a trustee for a charity to be a full time comedy person…Ah well. At least there’s some work left for the rest of us.”
- Sally Phillips, Actress and Comedian

Creating ideas and concepts

Fintech Week, London
“On the advice of the board I called Julia. I wanted to create something really original for the conference and she came up with a brilliant concept: ‘the fintech talk up, shut down’. She devised and played host for a bespoke panel show featuring two comedians, all in aid of the charity Street Child. The concept had some really clear objectives: the importance of demystifying the industry jargon and holding a mirror to some of our behaviours and it worked incredibly well. It was a great hit and the feedback was fantastic. So much so, we're doing it again!” 
- Raf de Kimpe, Conference Director

Auctioneering work

“Julia was an amazing host and auctioneer. In preparation she was committed and did her homework – and all this paid off as from the moment she raised her gavel on the first lot, she was eminently competent, and straight-away had the confidence of the room. But more than this, she was hugely fun, and made the auction an incredibly lively and high energy experience which was great for bidding and meant we exceeded our auction target. Guests left with a very positive sense of the night, and of our charity Little Paper Slipper. Thank you Julia.”
- Marie-Louise Jones, Director, Little Paper Slipper Charity

Julia Streets Productions

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