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Mrs Moneypenny, FT Columnist and Channel 4 ‘Super Scrimper’
I have had the pleasure of performing with Julia on a number of occasions. As a fellow entrepreneur and business woman, Julia has a lot to say about business that is worth listening to, and more to the point is downright funny. She invariably inspires peals of laughter in every audience she entertains.
janet thomas, former president of Women in banking and finance
Thank you so much for making our Women in Banking and Finance Awards for Achievement Luncheon go with a bang! We really appreciated how you kept us on schedule. We have had many Luncheon guests tell us that it was the best Awards Luncheon yet, and we know that this is down to your contribution in bringing professional polish to the programme of the day. 
Koy Thompson, FORMER CEO of Children in Crisis
Julia is a successful business-woman, a very good comedian, and an all-round indispensable trustee. In all my time, working for charities, serving on boards of trustees and working in partnership with governments, companies and other organisations, I have never come across anyone as inspiring, committed and high-performing as a trustee than Julia Streets.
Gillian Painter,  Head of Membership and IA Engine, The Investment Association
A HUGE thank you for your phenomenal MCing today. It ran like clockwork! Your energy and knowledge made the event work brilliantly. Feedback has been outstanding, highlighting your excellent skills at not only keeping us to time but linking the sections seamlessly. Certainly a marathon with lots of sprints!
Anne-Marie Rice, CEO, bobsguide
Julia Streets clearly enjoys hosting major events. It’s not easy to command the attention of niche audiences like those in the FinTech industry, but Julia’s industry knowledge allowed her to deliver to this audience, with relish. Julia hosted the 2015 bobsguide FinTech Innovation Awards, held at the Brewery, London. Her smooth running commentary and spontaneous remarks delivered the
perfect elements for a memorable event.
Claire Tulloch, Programme Director
RESI Convention, WorkSpace, AV Works Panellist
The Network Forum 2020 
There is a big difference between an average and a good moderator. The difference between a good and an excellent one is bigger…Julia did an absolutely outstanding job dealing with us all. It is a totally different capability to moderate remotely and digitally by not seeing reactions, not hearing audience response to the session etc. Allocating topics, evaluating time consumption and herding everyone is not easy but in my opinion it was the best moderation effort of the whole conference.
Rowan Pelling, Daily Telegraph
Recovered idiom abuser Julia Streets guides you laughing, gasping and weeping through the maze of corporate gobbledygook. This timely gem is required reading for anyone who has ever wanted to run amok with an axe when they hear the words blue sky thinking.
Esther Nelson, The Recovery Summit 2020
Julia joined us as a host and moderator at The Recovery Summit in June 2020. This was the first large summit we had organised and it was my pleasure to plan the programme, including matching the moderators to speakers. Julia was highly professional and helpful, going beyond the call of duty with her advice and willingness to step in and make sure everything went to plan. I would highly recommend her as a host and interviewer, for her natural ability to keep the situation under control, but also her great sense of humour and quick wits that kept the team here feeling absolutely confident that the session would be brilliant if she was at the helm. Thank you so much, Julia, we couldn’t have done this without you!
Catherine Turek, Head of Marketing, Jimmy Choo
I just want to say HUGE thank you again for making our IN MY CHOOS evening such a success, I’ve had amazing feedback from so many that attended and it was just such a wonderful evening – thanks for being such an incredible host!
Kristy Duncan, CEO of Women in Payments
I wanted to extend a big thank you for your exceptional job (as always) hosting the US Women in Payments awards dinner and symposium. Your energy, grace, and skillful moderation always gives life to the event. Our audience always appreciates your deft ability to keep the agenda flowing smoothly, while adding humor and tremendous energy. Thank you.
Paige Reeves, Conference Manager, Women in Investment Festival
Thank you so much, you really were fantastic. We had great feedback from our sponsor: “MC was so good and made it really fun and got the crowd going which was great.” Your enthusiasm and professionalism was amazing and you really made it feel like a festival and not a conference which was important to us. Thank you.
I have booked Julia to host many of my most important technology and industry events. I trust Julia to work with our most senior sponsors and industry contacts. She is always highly professional, insightful, respectful and energetic and is able to put everyone at ease very quickly. What many don't see is the amount of effort that goes into the preparation,
the research and also the risk mitigation. When she's hosting, I can breathe because I know that any
eventuality has been thought through.
Melike Belli, UKI Field Marketing, MuleSoft from Salesforce
Julia was one of two opening speakers at our packed event and we asked her to share her insights about the driving fintech industry themes and trends."She not only shared valuable insights about the highest level dynamics at play, paid particular care about what they meant for everyone in the room, but also left them thinking about the industry’s true potential, particularly as we navigate turbulent times.
Tanuja Randery, Managing Director, AWS EMEA
In my many senior leadership roles, I’ve invited Julia to host a number of my sales conferences. One year she hosted four hours of TV studio anchoring featuring customer interviews, employee awards, leadership insights, all with full production and TV studio direction. Julia makes it seem so easy and it’s not simply down to her hosting experience and extensive research, it’s her passion for the subject, industry experience and generosity of spirit. She really makes everyone shine as she sprinkles the event with insightful remarks and gliding segues to deliver a really premium event and audience experience.
Philip Stafford, Financial Times -  
5 star review of "The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’

A light-hearted book but one with a good question at its heart: why do we feel the need to conform to language we often ridicule and never use out of the office? Well-researched and readable, it also
taught me quite a few new phrases I never knew.
Sally Phillips, Actress and Comedian
There are comedy classes you can take but they don’t work. You have to be born with it. There’s no doubt that Julia was. She doesn’t just say funny stuff, she is funny. And what’s annoying is that comedy isn’t even her day-job. She’s far too well-rounded, running her own business and being a trustee for a charity to be a full time comedy person…Ah well. At least there’s some work left for the rest of us.